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Successful Rebrand with Brink Inc.

Brink Inc. is a family-owned and operated Foodservice provider since 1948 providing excellent service and displaying unwavering commitment to their customer's needs. Since 1969, they are associated as an independent Hobart Sales & Service contractor covering a sales and service territory in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska.


Brink Inc. were facing a few challenges with their website and general online presence. Their website was outdated, slow, and not visually appealing, which was negatively impacting their online presence. Their website was also not performing well in search results for their area, which meant that potential customers were not finding them easily.

The Process

We started the project by analyzing Brink Inc.'s current website and online presence. We discussed their goals, target audience, and the areas they wanted to cover. After our initial analysis, we created a customized plan that catered to their specific requirements.

We began by designing a modern, visually appealing website that was easy to navigate and fast. We worked on optimizing the website for search results across multiple locations, ensuring that it performed well in search results in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska.Our team also added relevant content to the website to make it more informative and engaging. We made sure that the website was responsive, meaning it could be easily accessed on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

As with all of our projects, we set Brink Inc. up for success with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Optimized their Google My Business Listing and established Schema Markup accross their site. We also listed them with updated information across over 100 directories and create frequent blog posts.

The Outcome

The hard work and dedication paid off. The new website we designed and developed for Brink Inc. was a huge success. Their website was now fast, modern, and visually appealing, which significantly improved their online presence. The website was optimized for search results across multiple locations, which meant that potential customers could easily find Brink Inc. when searching for their services in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Brink Inc. was extremely pleased with the results, and we continue to work with them to maintain and update their website to ensure that it remains current and relevant.
In conclusion, our collaboration with Brink Inc. was a fantastic experience. We were able to successfully help them achieve their goals by providing them with a modern, fast, and optimized website. We are confident that the new website will continue to attract new customers and help Brink Inc. grow its business.


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