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Revamping A Brand with Lytle FEG.

Lytle FEG is a family-owned and operated foodservice business that has been providing exceptional service to its customers in Santa Rosa California since 1968. With decades of experience, they are a trusted partner for businesses in the food industry, offering reliable and efficient solutions to customer needs.


Lytle FEG faced several challenges leading up to this project. With very little online presence, they were missing out on potential customers searching for their services online. They had no independent branding or identity that set them apart and, as a result, relied heavily on their corporate association. Lytle FEG is associated with a service network of local independent and corporate Hobart Sales & Service offices.

The Process

We were excited to take on this challenge and work with Lytle FEG to achieve its goals. We began by developing a custom branding strategy that captured the core of their business and highlighted their unique selling points. We then designed and developed a professional website that showcased their services and expertise, providing potential customers with a user-friendly experience.

Next, we focused on optimizing their website for search engines. Through extensive keyword research and on-page optimization, we improved their website's visibility in search results. As a result, Lytle FEG's website now ranks high for key industry-specific keywords, attracting more targeted traffic and potential customers to their website.

The Outcome

This project has delivered impressive outcomes, resulting in Lytle FEG having a professional website that effectively showcases its expertise and services while accurately representing its brand. Their brand identity is now consistent and robust, enabling them to distinguish themselves from competitors. Notably, they have significantly improved their search engine performance for important keywords, increasing website traffic and visibility.

We take pride in contributing to Lytle FEG's online success and would be thrilled to assist your business in achieving similar results. Reach out to us today if you're seeking a partner to help establish a robust online presence.


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